Memo from the Past: “InsurTech Will Rewrite Your Insurance Story”

'The energy, engagement and enthusiasm was infectious. It had the feeling of the 'dot com' era… but with more substance. This gathering sent a clear message to the insurance industry that we have rapidly entered a new era that is more profound and impactful than in the past … a renaissance. It has placed the importance of innovation and technology on a stage and signaled that from here forward, insurance must and will be innovating. While insurers have different strategies and paths to their future, we are convinced that InsurTech will be a big part of that future. We have every reason to believe that this trend will continue and will rewrite the story of insurance and your business - either with your help or without it.'

What a difference that two years can make! In 2016, 1,500 executives met at InsureTech Connect. In October 2017, 3,800 executives attended. This week, over 6,000 executives from over 50 countries crowded into the MGM venue in Las Vegas. It's official: InsurTech is rewriting business stories and it will rewrite the insurance story before it has run its course. From three years ago to today, it is reshaping insurance … just like we said in our blog last week:

... "Memo from the Past: “InsurTech Will Rewrite Your Insurance Story”" on Oktober 04, 2018