DFV - Unique long-term care insurance for Henkel employees

Frankfurt a.M. – Statistically, every second woman and every third man in Germany becomes in need of care in the course of their lives. Very few have made provisions for this case. Henkel is now closing this gap with a unique offer for its employees: Together with IG BCE (Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie), Henkel developed a supplementary company care insurance scheme as part of a social partner model – and is the first company in Germany to do so.


The insurance is called CareFlex and is implemented by DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG. Henkel is therefore offering all of its approximately 9,000 employees and trainees in Germany basic coverage for outpatient, inpatient and day-care care - without a health check or waiting period. In addition to basic coverage, employees can individually supplement the supplementary long-term care insurance and even include family members - life partners, children, parents and parents-in-law - in their insurance coverage. CareFlex is valid from January 2019.

Flexible supplementary long-term care insurance

"Henkel CareFlex is the flexible supplementary long-term care insurance on the market and complements statutory long-term care provision only through Henkel with a large number of unique benefits. We are very proud that we have succeeded in providing such a flexible and high-performance private long-term care provision for Henkel employees in Germany. This shows our enormous efficiency in the area of supplementary long-term care insurance," said Stephan Schinnenburg, Chief Sales Officer of DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG. The company has received several awards from independent institutions for its flexible supplementary long-term care insurance. Most recently, Stiftung Warentest awarded DFV-DeutschlandPflege the top mark of 1.6 (good) as test winner. Dr. Stefan M. Knoll, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG, added: "State care provision for citizens is not enough. It is precisely the personal contribution to inpatient nursing care that forces people to make their own provisions, because the associated financial burden cannot be financed with an average pension. We are closing this financing gap together with Henkel and IG BCE."

"Together with our partners, we are proud to be able to offer nursing care that is second to none in Germany," says Kathrin Menges, Chief Human Resources Officer at Henkel. In Düsseldorf, for example, a person in need of long-term care has to pay an average of 2,400 euros per month out of their own pocket in addition to the state long-term care allowance. "This is often only possible with the support of the family or the state. We want to protect our employees from this high financial and emotional burden," says Kathrin Menges.

About Deutsche Familienversicherung

DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG was founded in 2007 as an insurance start-up with the aim of offering insurance products that people really need and immediately understand ("Simple. Reasonable."). Today, DFV is an Insurtech and known for its multiple award-winning supplementary health insurance products (dental, health and nursing care insurance as well as accident and property insurance). With its consistently digital product design, the company is setting new standards in the industry. Further information is available at: www.deutsche-familienversicherung.de