DFV awards Adorno-Gymnasium Frankfurt with 50 Raspberry Pi

Overall social significance for digital competence increases with the digitalisation process. Programming capabilities and access to IT topics are essential for the education and commercial location Frankfurt / Main - for Hesse and all of Germany. "We believe that the mastering of a programming language has since become so important that one could define it as a second language", so Dr. Stefan Knoll, Founder and CEO of the Deutsche Familienversicherung AG. "Therefore, it is particularly important to us as the first listed Insurtech with registered office in Frankfurt/Main to support children from our region as early as possible to prepare for the digital future." To promote the digital competence of children in Frankfurt, the Deutsche Familienversicherung has provided 50 Raspberry PI to the Adorno-Gymnasium, including keyboards, screens and mice. By way of playful interaction with the simply designed single-board computer, the pupils are to develop a sense for technology and programming. As early as 2017, the Adorno Gymnasium was awarded by the national initiative "MINT Zunkunft schaffen!" (MINT - creating a future) as Digital School, which promotes mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology.

Programmer needs the land!

"We hope to contribute to inspire pupils early on for technical and scientific jobs", so Knoll at the handover of the Raspberry Pi on Wednesday. "As Insurtech, we know how fast-paced the insurance market is by now due to the technological transformation. The following applies for all industries: the consistent incorporation of new technologies is essential and the requirement for IT experts will increase. Therefore, the early digital advancement of children is necessary." On this subject, the Headmaster of the Adorno Gymnasium, Mr Mathias Koepsell, states: "We are very grateful to Dr. Knoll that he is providing our school with such innovative equipment that allows us to design computer science lessons with such extensive practical relevance. It enables us to combine important current societal issues with our MINT aspects."

Übergabe der Raspberry Pi

About the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer which is constructed extremely simple; it was developed with the objective to facilitate the learning of programming and hardware knowledge particularly for young people. Its greatest success lies in the fact that it is now possible to experiment with the devices while playing and to obtain a respective understanding and feeling for technology and programming at a very early age.

About the DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG

The DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG (ISIN DE000A0KPM74), the first stock market listed Insurtech Company in Europe, was established as insurance start-up in 2007 with the objective to provide insurance products people really need and understand immediately ("Simple. Sensible"). The DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG is known for its multi-award-winning supplementary health insurances (teeth, health and supplemental care insurance) as well as accident and property insurance. Based on the highly modern and scalable in-house developed IT systems, the company sets new benchmarks with consistent digital product designs as well as the option to graduate via digital language assistants. Further information at: www.deutsche-familienversicherung.de

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