Deutsche Familienversicherung AG: New shareholder of BCA AG

Frankfurt am Main, 05.07.2018 – Frankfurt am Main-based Deutsche Familienversicherung is to become a shareholder in the Oberursel-based BCA AG. The digital insurer has assumed a share of 10 per cent minus a share of the Bayreuth-based bbg Betriebsberatung GmbH. The transaction is still under the condition of approval from the Federal Cartel Authority.

Future orientated sales: broker market as opportunity

The Deutsche Familienversicherung has recently gained attention particularly due to its pioneering role with regard to digital sales and product advice tools. The Frankfurt-based company was, for example, the first insurance company to have its own Alexa skill. Dr. Stefan M. Knoll, Chairman of the Board of the Deutsche Familienversicherung: “Digitalisation doesn’t mean that the sales of the future will only occur online, quite the opposite. The digital transformation requires a clever mix of sales paths which also include broker sales.” The digital capability, in particular, of the insurance company should help make sales as easy as possible for the brokers and agents. Stephan Schinnenburg, board member responsible for sales at the Deutschen Familienversicherung since 01.05.2018 said about this: “The investment in one of the leading broker pools on the German market is something which is very important to me personally as this is a clear commitment of the Deutsche Familienversicherung concerning the future viability of insurance sales via brokers and agents. I am convinced that the “broker” sales path will not only remain but that it will become even more important in the next few years.”

Vertragsunterzeichnung Deutsche Familienversicherung AG und BCA AG

About the DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG

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